History of our pallet company

In 1984, Mr. Saturnino Berne Aguirre started working in the pallet sector in 1500 m2 premises.
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In 1990, due to the good performance of the previous years, the company had to extend its facilities to 6,000 m² of land and a 900 m² warehouse, changing its name to Embalajes Bercalsa, S.L., which was set up by Mr. Saturnino.With this expansion, the company's purpose was also extended, as in addition to manufacturing packaging and pallets, used pallets were also bought and sold.


In 1995, two of his sons joined the company.


Shortly afterwards, another expansion of the premises took place and in 2004, the company had 25,000 m² of land and 6,000 m² of warehouses.

As of today

We have 5 automatic production lines with a daily production capacity of 10,000 pallets.This history makes us a national reference among packaging and pallet companies.We currently have 70,000 m² of facilities and we are one of the largest wooden pallet companies.