Pallet manufacturers

At Embalajes Bercalsa we have 5 automatic manufacturing lines with a daily manufacturing capacity of over 10,000 pallets. Our track record makes us a national benchmark among packaging and pallet manufacturing companies.

Experienced pallet suppliers

We have been manufacturing wooden pallets since 1984. Our experience in the packaging sector makes us a national reference company. Contact us without obligation.

Sale of used pallets wholesale

We reuse pallets so we are committed to the circular economy. We have a wide range of used pallets. Consult our extensive catalogue of used pallets for sale.

Advantages of new pallets

The most important advantage of  new pallets  is their high friction against different surfaces avoiding the possible slipping of the materials contained during transport.

Quality pallets, Resistant and Durable

"Embalajes Bercalsa is committed to sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint, we have solar panels in our warehouses to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible".


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